MAX EXPRESS, INC. is an intermodal container trucking company providing reliable, on time transport,
servicing the largest volume import and export nexus in the world, the Los Angeles and Long Beach
harbors and railyards - the "Alameda Corridor" in Southern California



   The Port of Los Angeles is America's busiest port with record volumes of cargo moving through the 7500-acre harbor. Ocean carriers can send the majority of their West Coast cargo to Los Angeles with full confidence in the Port's modern cargo terminals and efficient train/truck intermodal network.
   Burlington Northern Sante Fe runs Hobart yard in Los Angeles, the busiest trailer and container-handling rail facility in the world. In 2000, this facility moved more than one million containers/trailers. Union Pacific serves the Los Angeles metropolitan area with its two major ports at Los Angeles and Long Beach. Along the West Coast, the "I-5 Corridor" offers the most efficient possible north-south transportation service to freight customers in all three Pacific Coast states. This service ties to main east-west corridors at Seattle, Portland, Oakland and Los Angeles. Union Pacific trains carry extensive varieties of import-export traffic through its Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) near the Los Angeles-Long Beach harbors.
   Located directly in the heart of the Alameda Corridor project, now under construction along a 21-mile route connecting the LA/Long Beach harbor complex to downtown Los Angeles rail yards, is Marcus Trucking Company. We are playing a major role in the daily task of connecting these huge volume container trade routes together at this vital import/export transportation junction.

   Max Express, Inc., intermodal container trucking hauler for the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Given as little as 24 hours notice, Max Express, Inc. will pick up your container at any of the portside docks or railheads in the area and speed your imports/exports on their way to the next connection or local destination. With dozens of fully licensed and insured carriers at their service, Max Express, Inc. offers fair and reasonable rates, reliable transport, and a customer service dedication to winning over new and satisfied customers. Please have your in-house import/export specialist or customs broker call for a quote on moving your containers today.

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